Emerging Smart Materials

The use of stone, bronze, and steel in the mediaeval era promoted the creation of ceramics and minerals, which sparked the metallurgy area. Metals, amalgams, silica and carbon nanomaterials have been studied by Material Research , chemistry, thermodynamics, and a few other branches of research. Material Research has evolved from metals and composites to semiconductors, plastics, biomaterials, rubbers, polymers, appealing materials, therapeutic embed materials, nanomaterials, and so on. Biosensors.

Using a smart material instead of conventional mechanisms to sense and respond, can simplify devices, reducing weight and the chance of failure. Smart materials sense changes in the environment around them and respond in a predictable manner.

  • Piezoelectric Materials
  • Shape Memory Materials
  • Chromoactive Materials
  • Magnetorheological Materials
  • Photoactive Materials

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